Cashmaster is a British-based, global provider of cash-management solutions with over 30-years’ experience in designing and manufacturing industry-leading count-by-weight cash counting products. Our complete cash-management solution and count-by-weight devices can transform business cash handling processes by streamlining cash counting, delivering fast, highly-accurate counts, greater staff accountability, stronger adherence to cash-handling processes and reduced cash shrinkage.

Designed and manufactured in Scotland, UK - our latest Cashmaster One range of cash counters were designed for the global market, with a strong focus on the Asian market. The high-resolution true touch-screen colour display provides high-definition detail to Asian-language text. The intuitive icon-driven menu and smart-phone style interface, along with optional integrated printer, make Cashmaster One the most advanced, yet simple to learn, easy-to-use product of its type on the market.

Our industry expertise and leading products have earned us a global reputation for excellence in quality, service and reliability. With worldwide distribution, offices in Europe and the USA, and now a regional base in Hong Kong, our products are used by many of the biggest and best-known global brands across the retail, banking and restaurants sectors including PARKnSHOP, Tesco, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, and AT&T.

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