Big Data For Humans


Big Data For Humans

The Customer Graph™ is the world’s first automated customer insights engine which uses networks to analyse customers. It is empowering business teams around the world to start using powerful data science to increase revenue – quickly, easily and without the need for costly or complex data analytics and management projects with lengthy deployment times.

About Us

Big Data for Humans was founded in 2014, not by a typical team of 'tech guys' but by a group of highly experienced retailers with decades of shop floor customer experience under their belts. They are on a mission to harness the power of big data to bring an unprecedented depth of insight into customers - not just as lines on a spreadsheet but as 'humans' with unique tastes, needs, life cycles and spending habits.

We work with both Retail and Travel clients including Selfridges, Air Asia, Jelmoli, The Melium Group and 7Eleven.

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