Suzanne Santos

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 Suzanne Santos

Suzanne Santos

Retail and Customer Service, Aesop – Australia , General Manager

Suzanne Santos began her role at Aesop in 1987 and has been actively involved in critical aspects of the company’s development, including the development of our Australian as well as many of our international markets. Today, Suzanne travels the world as an ambassador for Aesop, overseeing the company’s introduction into new markets, working with and tutoring representative agents in Aesop products and standards, and visiting stores to work with both Aesop clients and consultants. For thirty years, Suzanne has shared her passion and enthusiasm with Aesop friends across the globe.  

‘For many people across the world, Aesop has become an integral part of their wellbeing. We take pride as a company in communicating with customers across all cultures in a forthright, open and intelligent manner that does not mislead or create false expectations. Aesop is about beauty truths, not beauty myths. Every aspect of our product research and development is substantiated with exceptional scientific research. We have become the brand that people gravitate towards when it is substance and effect they are seeking. At Aesop, we have always been driven and inspired by quality ingredients and product content, and it is this enthusiasm that I enjoy sharing with our clients.

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