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 Richa Menke

Richa Menke

Eight Inc , Principal

Richa Menke is a Principal at Eight Inc. Singapore. Her focus at Eight Inc. is on how technology and business strategy inform the design of human experiences. She has a diverse background in engineering, product management and business development. Richa also brings a global perspective having lived in India, Canada, Singapore, USA and Germany. Since joining Eight Inc. in 2012, Richa has worked with clients such as Shimano, Singtel, P&G, League, Rose Rock, GLH and Crayon Data.

Prior to Eight Inc. Richa worked in R&D organizations developing mobile technology. At Nokia she was as a Global Product Manager, leading a cross-functional team to create and launch real time location based services in 22 countries. Before Nokia, Richa was a Software Engineer at Texas Instruments developing global mobile network interoperability. 

In parallel to her work as an engineer, Richa continued to work as an actor including lead roles at the English Theater Berlin. Experience as an actor has shaped Richa’s fascination with human psychology, a critical factor behind the design of successful human experiences. 

Richa has a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Rice University and an MBA from INSEAD Business School, where she remains engaged as a guest speaker. 

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