Kiren Tanna

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 Kiren Tanna

Kiren Tanna

Asia Pacific Internet Group , Co-Chief Executive Officer

As co-CEO of APACIG, Kiren manages the entire Asia Pacific region with entrepreneurial passion. APACIG has already become one of Asia’s fastest growing internet platforms and is home to some of Asia’s most successful internet companies as Lamudi, Carmudi, Kaymu, Jovago, Easy Taxi, PricePanda, ClickBus, Daraz, and

With extensive experience in running online business in Asia most notably as CEO of Rocket Internet portfolio company, Kiren manages APACIG’s key stakeholder relations and investment decisions. Kiren darts around the region, providing essential input to companies at every stage of development. He plays an active role in all aspects of launching a successful online business, from operations support, and meeting suppliers, to assisting with recruitment and HR decisions, always in search for highly talented leadership personalities.

Before joining Rocket Internet/Foodpanda as Managing Director, Kiren worked as a Senior Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company in Singapore serving clients across Asia in banking, telecommunications and logistics on a range of corporate finance and strategy issues. Kiren grew up in India, where he graduated top of his Engineering Class from Mumbai University and top of his MBA class from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

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