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 Jonathan Yabut

Jonathan Allen Yabut

AirAsia , Chief of Staff

Jonathan Yabut is the Season 1 winner of the hit pan-Asian reality business TV show, The Apprentice Asia hosted by Malaysian business mogul Tony Fernandes. He was the youngest male contestant at the age of 27 and was popularly known in the show for his people skills, leadership and passionate speeches in the “boardroom”.

For 10 years, Jonathan has been serving his marketing career to a diverse portfolio of industries such as consumer goods, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and recently aviation. He started his career at Globe Telecom as Brand Manager for international calling, messaging, and Internet services.  In GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), he served as a Marketing Manager handling the allergy, antibiotics and respiratory portfolio. In 2012, he was awarded by Mansmisth & Fielders, Inc. the 2012 Young Market Master Award for Brand Management for having achieved a world-record market share for GSK under the age of 35. This same success led him to be the chosen as an official Filipino ambassador to observe the 2012 London Olympic Games.

For having won The Apprentice Asia, Jonathan served as Mr. Tony Fernandes’ apprentice for 1 year under rotating positions such as Chief of Staff of AirAia Berhad in Malaysia, Chief Marketing Officer of AirAsia Philippines, and most recently, as a resident consultant for Third Base Ventures, a venture  start-up company led by the Tune Group of Companies. Jonathan today is based in Kuala Lumpur as the Founder and Managing Director of JY Ventures & Consultancy, a marketing, sales and crisis management firm catering to needs of Southeast Asian entrepreneurs and start-up companies. His best-selling book, “From Grit To Great” which depicts his success in The Apprentice Asia, is now available in leading bookstores in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines.  

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