Interview with Nissan Joseph, MD, Crocs India


Interview with Nissan Joseph, MD, Crocs India

How would you define the current momentum of the retail sector in Asia? 

Overall growth continues to be the key story. All emerging economies have their ups and downs but overall momentum continues to be strong. Some companies were too aggressive in their plans and may not be hitting the numbers but overall momentum is steady. 

Where are the growth areas for your company?

Product line expansions are key as consumers expect brands to create and innovate much more frequently than before. Penetration into Tier II markets and Frontier Economies offer potential for continued growth. 

What challenges and issues keep you awake at night? 

The on-going shift of production between Asian countries can be disruptive to a supply chain process that can create challenges at the front end. Price hikes at factory level that have to managed when passing through to a customer can be taxing since a lot of them tend to be sudden and not always planned for. 

Nissan has over 20 years of experience including Senior Management roles in wholesale and retail operations of footwear and accessories in domestic and international markets.

Prior to his current role, General Manager of Accessory Exchange, a New York Design, Marketing and Sales Company. Previous to that he was President and COO of Hibbett Sports, CEO of Hickory Brands and General Manager of Payless Shoes based in Sydney, Australia.

Joseph was born in India, attended the University of New Delhi and has an MBA from the Sydney Graduate School of Management, Australia.

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