Interview with Nati Harpaz, CEO, Catch Group


Interview with Nati Harpaz, CEO, Catch Group

What are the top 3 things that a company must do to prosper?

Understand its strength and position in the market so they can focus on it. 
Build an innovative and winning culture focused on leadership
Have a purpose  

How are you keeping up with the changing demands of the consumer?

These days if you are keeping up with changing demands you are already too late. You should try and be one step ahead of customer demands. At the end of the day it comes down to your teams who are in the field, working with customers, developing products and solutions. You need to build a workforce that is motivated to stay in front of customer demands and if they have this focus in mind you will win. 

Why are you speaking at Retail Congress Asia?

It’s a great opportunity for me to reach out to the retail eco-system, look for partnerships and collaborations with other brands and retailers to join our marketplace. 

What are the most exciting opportunities in retail right now?

Marketplaces are now the new distribution channels. The world of online retail as well as physical retail is changing where brands are becoming channel agnostic and looking to build direct to consumer distribution channels and I think retailers need to get their head around it. 

What keeps you up at night?

Technology and scalability. The competition we are up against is fast, efficient and highly sophisticated. It is hard to keep up with their innovative approach and I think about it all day and night. 

Who or which company has been your biggest inspiration?


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