Interview with Horace Lam, General Manager, UberEATS


Interview with Horace Lam, General Manager, UberEATS

What are the most exciting opportunities in retail right now?

Brands that leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a highly targeted and personalized shopping experience for consumers will likely be able to differentiate themselves in the crowded retail space. As an online food delivery platform, UberEATS also continues to innovate on its last mile logistics technology to cater to consumers' increasing demand for immediacy and convenience. 

How are you keeping up with the changing demands of the consumer?

We are a data driven company. We leverage data analytics to help us better understand consumer behaviours and trends and then shape our business priorities around these insights. 

What are the top 3 things a company must do to prosper?

Seamless customer experience, innovative culture, and sustainable growth are keys in driving a long-term winning strategy. We live in a time of extraordinary change, so we must stay ahead of any disruptive trends and develop a sustainable business model that delivers greater convenience and value to consumers. 

What keeps you up at night?

Building a business is about problem-solving. I spend a lot of my time thinking through a long term strategic vision and strategy for the business, developing tactics that will get us there, and then building a culture that our highly motivated and passionate team is proud to be a part of. 

Who or which company has been your biggest inspiration?

Jeff Bezos, founder, and CEO of Amazon inspires me to invest time in exploring innovative ideas, be obsessed with customer experience, stay curious, and run the business as a "Day 1" company that encourages high quality and high-speed decision-making process. 

Why are you speaking at Retail Congress Asia?

Retail Congress Asia is a great opportunity to learn more about the emerging retail and consumer trends around the APAC region and network with different thought leaders in the retail industry. I look forward to drawing inspirations from all the participants in this event.  

Horace Lam will be joining the session  "The flourishing shared economy: What can retailers learn?" on Wednesday 11 October with Brian Lo, General Manager for Deliveroo and Lawrence Cao , Head of Asia Pacific for ofo.

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