Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Details / Congress App / Meeting Fellow Speakers

1) Can I have contact details for staff onsite?

All details can be found on the Contact the Team page.

2) Can I have contact details for other speakers?

 We are unable to share contact details for other speakers, however you can use the Congress app to connect with other speakers if they have opted in for this tool.

3) How does the Congress App work? How do I login?

All details can be found on the Congress App page.

4) How do I know if my fellow panellists have arrived at the event?

You can find out from the Speakers’ Lounge.

5) Where can I meet my fellow panellists / other speakers?

The Speakers’ Lounge is the main networking area for all speakers.

6) Can I check if another speaker has arrived?

You can find out from the Speakers’ Lounge.

7) Can you contact another speaker for me?

We are unable to contact another speaker for you, however you can use the Congress app to contact another speaker if they have enabled this tool

Rehearsals / Pre-Session Meetings

1) Is there a room I can use to practice my presentation?

Rehearsals are available for presentations only, on a first come first served basis and must be requested prior to the event. If you would like to request a rehearsal slot please email Jennifer Harris. There are no private rooms available onsite, however you can practice in the Speakers’ Lounge without the stage and screen.

2) Can I speak with my fellow panellists before the Congress?

Anh Mao will be in contact with you to introduce you to your fellow panellists.

3) Can I see the questions I’ll be asked in my panel session beforehand?

One month before the congress, Anh Mao will introduce you to your fellow panellists and moderator via email. Panellists can then submit questions and key points they would like to cover during the session.


1) Can I provide presentation slides for my panel session?

Please note that as a panelist, you are not required to give a presentation (unless previously discussed with Anh Mao).

2) What format do you need presentations in?

Presentations must be in PowerPoint or PDF format. Please contact Jennifer Harris if your presentation is in a different format. 

3) What format do you need videos in?

Videos can be embedded in PowerPoint presentations, but need to be on automatic play. We also need the original video supplied separately as back-up in the video format MP4 H264 Codec.

4) Why do my slides need to be wide screen?

This is to ensure that the presentation fits on our event screen, if the presentation is in a different size it will not fit the screen and some text / visuals will be lost on screen.

5) Can I use my own laptop for my presentation?

If you are using your own computer you will need to use this from the lectern, therefore please inform Jennifer Harris 3 weeks prior to the event.

6) When do I need to send you my presentation?

The deadline date to submit is Monday 18th September.

7) Who do I send my presentation slides to?

You must upload your presentation on the Upload your Presentation page. Kindly note that presentations sent via email will not be accepted.

8) Can I check my presentation before my session?

You must request a rehearsal slot in advance, however this is a first come first served basis.

9) I’ve made changes to my presentation. Can I bring an updated version with me?

You must bring your presentation to the speakers’ lounge no later than 30 minutes before your session. After this time we will not be able to accept amendments.

10) Do I need to bring adaptors for my laptop if I’m using my own?

If you are using your own Macbook or iPad you will need to provide individual adaptors to DVI connector.

11) Can I send you a different version of my presentation to use on the website?

Yes, please bring this on a USB stick to the Speakers’ Lounge onsite, or send it to us within 3 days after the event.

12) Can I have copies of the presentations from the Congress?

Authorised presentations will be available on the website post-event.

General Information

1) What time do I need to arrive for my session?

You must arrive at your session location 30 minutes prior to your session.

2) Can I have the most up to date agenda?

All updates to the programme will appear on the event website, however we will also give you the most up to date programme on arrival at the event.

3) What time is my session?

Please see the most up to date agenda, Anh Mao will contact you if your timing has changed.

4) What room is my session taking place in?

Please see the most up to date agenda, Anh Mao will contact you if your location has changed.

5) I want to change the title / topic for my session. How do I do this?

Please contact Anh Mao, kindly note that onsite changes are not permitted.

6) My details are incorrect on the website. How can I amend these?

Please contact Mollie McGarrigle or Goncalo Ribeiro.

7) I have a new photo. Can you use this one instead?

Please contact Mollie McGarrigle or Goncalo Ribeiro.

8) I have an updated bio. Can you use this one instead?

Please contact Mollie McGarrigle or Goncalo Ribeiro.

9) Do you have chargers onsite?

We do not supply chargers onsite, however there are socket plugs available in the speakers’ lounge. Please ensure you do not leave any valuables unattended.

10) Is there a room I can hold a private meeting / call?

If you are having a meeting with another speaker you can meet in the speakers’ lounge. There are areas within the venue for meetings with other attendees.

11) Where can I leave my luggage?

The cloakroom is located next to the Grand Ballroom. Kindly note that the venue and organisers decline any responsibility for any lost items.

12) Can I attend all sessions if I want to?

Yes, all sessions are open to speakers and attendees with a full delegate pass.

13) Can I bring colleague(s)?

If you would like to bring a colleague, please contact Anh Mao.

14) Can my colleague (who isn’t a speaker) come into the Speaker Lounge?

No, the speakers’ lounge is for speakers only.

Private Events

1) Can anyone attend the evening functions?

All evening functions are invitation only.

2) Can my colleague attend a dinner with me?

All evening functions are invitation only, if you receive an invitation you must request for a colleague to attend with you as soon as possible. You will only be able to bring your colleague with you if you receive approval from the organiser. 

3) Can I have a detailed itinerary for all private and Congress events I’m attending?

You will receive an email from Jennifer Harris the day before the Congress with all of the evening functions that you have RSVP’d yes for.

Registering / Name badges

1) Can I pick-up my colleagues name badge?

No, you are only able to collect your own badge.

2) Can I collect my name badge before the Congress?

Registration will be open from 08:15 on Tuesday 10th October,  day one of the congress.

3) Where do I need to go upon arrival at the Congress?

The congress is taking place on level 2 of the Kerry Hotel. Registration is located outside of Grand Ballroom 3&4 and there will be ample signage around the venue.

Photos and Filming

1) Can I have photos of my session?

Anh Mao will send photos of your session post-event 

2) Can I have photos of my session on the day?

You will receive the photos post-event.

3) Can I have a copy of a video of my session?

Sessions will not be filmed at Retail Congress Asia Pacific.

5) Will all sessions be photographed / filmed?

All sessions will be photographed, however they will not be filmed.

6) Will you be sending / sharing all the photos from the event?

A selection of photographs will be shared on the event website post-event.


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